Anadolu Sağlık John Hopkins


Anadolu Sağlık John Hopkins

Our Collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine

Anadolu Medical Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Johns Hopkins Medicine International in 2002 in the fields of education and quality improvement. With the signed agreement, Johns Hopkins and Anadolu Medical Center experts have the opportunity to consult each other on issues such as:

Review of architectural and engineering designs and plans

Creation of clinical and operational programs

Selection of medical equipment and technology

Application of information technology

Hospital infection control policies

Human resources and performance management

Sourcing and clinical quality management

Switching to clinical pathways that allow standardization in patient care

Patient safety programs

Compliance with Joint Commission International (JCI) standards

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Some applications: Minimally invasive and non-invasive methods of facial rejuvenation, face lift (Rhinoplasty), ear aesthetics, chin and face implants, body shaping, breast augmentation, reduction, lift and recovery applications.

Why Anadolu Sağlık John Hopkins ?

Re-functioning of organs or body parts resulting from congenital anomalies and developmental disorders, accidental injury, infection, tumors and various diseases are also provided.