Medical Park Hospitals


Medical Park Hospitals

Providing service in a wide variety of branches with its specialist physicians, mostly academicians, Medicalpark is one of the most important health institutions of Istanbul with a closed area of 62 thousand square meters.

24/7 Service

Medical Park Hospital provides services with world-class advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, patient-oriented hotel services and expert physician staff, mostly academics. Patients can get the support of a specialist physician 24/7 in emergency situations. Treatment services continue in many polyclinics until 23.00. Offering an alternative for those who cannot get an appointment during the day, Medicalpark Hospital cares about its patients.

Why MedicalPark ?

  • Patient-oriented superior service approach in health
  • Treatment conditions aimed at improving the patient’s quality of life
  • Spacious and comfortable rooms with special heat and sound insulation, offering VIP service
  • Antibacterial materials suitable for hygiene conditions
  • Aesthetic and psychosocial quality service